2023 what a year! 🤘

Well, 2023 has been a ripper!

As the Newgate Crowd family sat down to a delicious meal at Sunny’s Pizza before heading off to see Psychedelic Porn Crumpets & Royal Blood at Hindley Street Music Hall (OMG 🔥), we reflected on the year that was 2023 and the many highlights.

The year kicked off with winning back to back Battle of the Bands at The Stocky and a handy prize pool. Then being named as one of 12 up and coming in the ‘Tiser, the release of ‘Bright Idea’, followed by our debut EP, ‘Auditory Processing’ meant the first half of the year kicked off nicely.

There were radio appearances throughout the year, a couple of visits with Shannon on High Fidelity WOW FM, Triple B radio and a live set on Three D Radio. It was our television debut, featured on ‘Inspired By’ with Isabella Taylor which aired in Adelaide and Melbs.

And of course the gigs. Around 30 live performances with old & new friends in St Loki, Full Cream, Simple Pleasures, The Wired Serenity, Exit Plan, Sticky Beak, Swordfish Trombone, Bandland Caravan, Rafikee, Nonnie, Cerebellum, Stone Grill, Jonann, Stripes, Sweet 16, Baby Teeth, Violet Harlot, Townhouse…(sorry if we missed anyone).

Another highlight this year was the Violet Harlot EP launch. We joined an awesome line up along with Dandy Buzzkills & Mum’s Favourite. The night was memorable with power outages and Violet Harlot showed us all why they are one of Adelaide’s favourite live acts – managing to rock the sold-out crowd – I mean, who needs power anyway!

We were stoked to have Violet Harlot headline our sold-out Good Music Month fundraiser at Stein’s Taphouse, along with Rafikee, where we raised $1200 for Support Act. Yeah!

And of course, there was the Short Stack gig at Bridgeway Live. Big congrats to Short Stack – and their recent release IDGAF – they’ve had a big year too. Meeting The Beautiful Monument (legends!!) was another highlight.

We will kick off 2024 with the release of our new single, ‘Change of Mood’ and another track will be hot on its heels. Thanks for the love & support people. Wishing you all the best in 2024!

Kai, Joey & Viddy


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