An EPIC night with In Viz heroes, Violet Harlot!

Violet Harlot in In Viz EP launch on Saturday 5th of August, had it all. High voltage, extreme low voltage, epic bands, and an epic sold out crowd!

Newgate Crowd was first in the line up – we knew with the bands to proceed in Dandy Buzzkills, Mum’s Favourite and the headline themselves, Violet Harlot – we wanted to bring it.

With Kai on drums to start the party, wow, what an opening drum solo. This is a must see if you were unlucky enough not to be there. Fortunately we have plenty of footage and our new mate, Spoz, has captured some kick arse footage! We will upload this to our You Tube channel very soon.

The night kept us on our toes with power outages – hey ho, the bands, venue and crowd all rallied and a brilliant and most unforgettable night evolved. Shout out to Mum’s Favourite – supporting the efforts to be sure Violet Harlot were able to have their much anticipated time on stage. And of course, Violet Harlot never disappoint – taking us all in the crowd, to entertainment and musical heights. We love you Violet Harlot, performance geniuses.

For now, here’s a few of our own pics from the night! Check out Spoz’ blog on You Tube for footage from all bands: