EP Launch Wrap-Up

We took the launch up stairs to the Rhino Room Friday night and what a show it was. Simple Pleasures kicked off the show and before we knew it the mosh pit was alive.

Full Cream kept the tempo punchy and by the time their new single ‘Numb’ featured the crowd was eating out of the palm of their hand.

Although we were having too much fun in the crowd we were pumped to hit the stage, opening with our new single ‘Remote’ and flowing into ‘Blindspot’. Music to our ears, hearing the crowd sing back lyrics to our new songs!

A highlight of the night was an encore of ‘Killing in the Name Of’ feat. Will Everett (Violet Harlot) and Simon Banaag (Loki) taking the vocals.

Special thanks to:

Tim Shadgett our Producer, Two Tab Pics (we will show these pics off soon!), Becc Photos (for these pics and video to come), Shannon Dowling (High Fidelity on 100.5 WOW FM), Kate (awesomeness in a cool suit) and of course Isabella, Sara and Michael Taylor, the ‘Inspired By’ crew. If you heard a rumour that a stretch Hummer featured in our night, you’d be right but more of that to come another time…

Now for this Friday 9th June with Twice Lichen and Badland Caravan at the Exeter. Can’t wait for this, to be playing with Badland Caravan, the epitome of cool.

Steins Taphouse after this one on Friday 23rd June and hoping for a reprisal of the Rage Against the Machine number with Loki…maybe? Come and see…