Inspired by!

NGC Cartoon by Isabella

With a busy calendar of gigs taking us through to the end of the year, we just wanted to take a pause to shout out a huge thanks to Isabella Taylor and the ‘Inspired By’ team.

We got to be on TV, ride in a stretch hummer, goof around on camera until all hours of the morning and make some new friends! Pretty decent πŸ™Œ

Shannon Mowling of High Fidelity on WOW FM was interviewed by Kate Johnson at our EP launch for this episode. Shannon is a passionate supporter of the Indie Music scene and we thank you for this πŸ™ (Look out for indie artists Zak Mowling and band Ratbags)

Thanks to Channel 44. Like the life force that community radio is for the music scene – community television opens a world of opportunity to indie artists, creators, news platforms, education…we could go on. Grateful.

Isabella and the ‘Inspired By’ team are nominated for 3 antenna awards (C31 Melbourne & C44 Adelaide) on the 28th October. We will send a shout out to you from the Budburst Music Festival stage! We thank you for our portrait (pictured above). We just love it!

If you missed our TV debut, you can still watch this on demand at CTV Plus (click here)