It’s BIG πŸ”₯

Well the next month is packed with excitement. We are stoked to be playing alongside some of our faves NOCTURNAL ANIMALS MOLLY ROCKET LOLA ST LOKI EXIT PLAN SWAINSONA!!!! And we get to make some new besties with PVCKER UP FREE DRINKS & PERFECT 50!!!

Ok folks, lock this into your diaries as we don’t want anyone missing out on what is gonna be a mammoth month. Beginning with:

Saturday 25th May @ The Cranker! with Nocturnal Animals, Pvcker Up and Free Drink (the band). Have you heard Nocturnal Animals new single ‘Ashlee’s Berceuse’. Click here & listen now!

Saturday 15th June @ Velvet Underground as Molly Rocket release their new single ‘God Damn’. Get on it!

Friday 28th June @ UniBar Adelaide Newgate Crowd team with St Loki, Exit Plan and Swainsona for ‘You Ask For it’. We will all take on the challenge of playing the cover you ask for. Watch out for the Insta promo coming soon!

Our ‘You Asked For it’ event requires some clevery from you all. Some challenging suggestions, maybe a step out of the genre and comfort zone? Could St Loki rock hard to a Dolly Parton number? Exit Plan goes hard to some Elton John? So get on it, dust of your electric boots and mohair suit and have a say!

Until then beautiful people, see you at the Cranker!