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Change of Mood

ChnageofMoodCoverArt 5Jan24 copy

This is Newgate Crowd’s latest release following their debut Ep, ‘Auditory Processing’ in 2023.

About the song…

Feeling vibey in the Pilates studio where the magic happens, Viddy pulls out a cool riff. “Whatcha got there?” ask Joey. Kai feels a drum intro and begins to play. The bones of our new single were created.

‘Change of Mood’ is about reflecting on moments in a relationship, trying to make it work and then realising, this is not authentic. The dynamic shift from the versus into the gritty pre-choruses reflects this conflict.

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Auditory Processing

NGC Auditory Processing EP Cover Painted Version

Newgate Crowd launch their 7 track debut EP titled ‘Auditory Processing’ live on High Fidelity 100.5 WOW FM with Shannon Mowling, followed by a launch party at The Rhino Room in Adelaide on June 2nd 2023, joined by bands ‘Full Cream’ and ‘Simple Pleasures’.

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