Lotsa Stuff Happnin’

Coming off some great gigs with more to come, here’s a little update!

We had a blast playing at set before the Barossa Battle of the Bands 2024 winner was announced. Congrats to thrash metal band Broken Loose 🀘

Great gig at The Hotel Metro on the 19th April with Moshpit Girlfriend and Too Scoots. Great crowd, great energy and a fun gig!

And this Saturday, we’ve been looking forward to this one and it’s finally upon us! Down and Out ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ tour final show at Low Life Basement bar, joined by Two Times Shy, Mantra and us of. Congrats to Down and Out – their single ‘Livin’ The Dream’ has just hit 100k streams on Spotify.

We were pretty chuffed to see our own little music video to ‘Change of Mood’ hit 48,610 You Tube views and counting – whoo hoo πŸ™Œ

To bring you into the mood for the show on Saturday 27th April, here is the Down and Out tour play list: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5Gk8by0lIWNr8RRiEmIrON?si=39ccc78ccb5e4a14