The Band

Kai Bingham – Drums : Joey Mulholland – Bass/Vocals : Wil (Viddy) Vidovich – Lead Guitar/Vocals 

Newgate Crowd is a 3-piece alternative rock band bringing a big, punchy and energetic sound both live and in the studio. 

Our story…

Once upon a time (circa 2019) in the Barossa Valley, a quirky guitarist met a loveable drummer and they fell in love. The two played their instruments and flirted with others, before realising, a very special someone was missing from this glorious chemistry. The quirky guitarist remembered sometime before; how fun it had been jamming with this feisty little bass player also with great taste in music. The tension had been electric.

So, the 3 jammed, it was magic and in 2021, Newgate Crowd was born. 3 quirky, creative musician nerds, playing so hard that their fingers bled, with a desire to make awesome music and play to awesome crowds. Awards were won, articles were written, radio and TV appearances were made and Newgate Crowd began a wild ride.


We love tearing it up in the Adelaide indie music scene, performing alongside emerging and established artists. To name drop a couple are Down and Out, Nocturnal Animals, Molly Rocket, Lola, Violet Harlot, St Loki, Townhouse, Mum’s Favourite (a long list of awesomeness actually, how lucky are we). And in late 2023, opening for legends Short Stack and The Beautiful Monument.

With our 2023 debut 7-track debut EP ‘Auditory Processing’ out there, 2024 offers more gigs, music videos, crossing borders and more original music. We kicked this off with the release of our single ‘Change of Mood’ on 4th February.

And we are just getting warmed up! Come and join us on our adventure!


"For a band so young, and at the very first steps of their career, it's impossible to ignore the power and skill they bring to the stage. Newgate Crowd had the audience at our sold out 'No Quiet' festival in the palm of their hands with a set of songs that cover some epic territory with everything from stadium rock to angsty introspection. One to watch!"
Kieron Lomax
NO QUIET Festival
"Since late 2021, Newgate Crowd have impressed our audiences with catchy hard rocking, indie type tunes. Drawing generous sized crowds everytime they play their music and stage performance swiftly engage the crowd to get involved! Their punctuality, easy going demeanor and professional attitude makes it a pleasure for my venue and staff to host them anytime they want to gig here. Their awesome two singles on Spotify are part of our in-house playlist and are blasted for our regulars frequently!"
Bryan Lynagh
Owner, Broadcast Bar
“Newgate Crowd mix their early 2000’s influences with a modern twist and have smashed it out of the park with their first two singles. I’ve been lucky enough to catch the band live and it’s easy to see how their energy, stage presence and musicianship has won them a faithful following on the local scene. Viddy, Kai and Joey came onto my community radio show for an interview and not only were they brilliant to talk to on air, but they’re the only guests to ever bring cake. Get onto Newgate Crowd as soon as you can because then you can have the hipster cred of saying you were into them before they were huge.”
Shannon Mowling
High Fidelity on 100.5 WOW fm